Monday, December 12, 2011

Paris Hilton's party Pisses Off The Neighbors!

Paris Hilton


paris hilton christmas
Twas a Wednesday for Paris
When all through Mulholland
All of her friends, came through with presents…
And when all 100 of Paris Hilton's guests came and left at the same time , it causes a major stream of traffic for Mulholland Estates.
Non-guests of Paris' party had to wait at least 35 minutes just to get in and get home!!
According to a pissed off neighbor source:
Paris' parties are legendary. She always goes all out. Non-invited guests that were going to visit other people's houses had to wait almost 35 minutes in line on a Wednesday night, just to get into to see the person they were going to visit. Paris does provide valet parking for party guests, and this clogs the streets around her house. Paris is the neighbor from hell

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