Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lindsay Lohan's Purse Stolen In Hawaii!

Lindsay Lohan's Purse Stolen In Hawaii! Seriously? No wait…. SERIOUSLY?! Lindsay Lohan's $5,000 Chanel purse was stolen while she was at a house party in Laie, Hawaii over the weekend and word is, things got craaaAAzy! Not only did she have thousands of dollars, but she also had her passport, ID, and her very important probation paperwork - which she needs for court on Wednesday. Apparently, LiLo left the bag in her car (WTF?!) and when she returned, the purse was gone. After calling the police, she created a frenzy by looking for hours until the morning, but the purse did not show up. Eventually, a suspicious local returned the purse after claiming he found it on the street. All her docs and IDs were there, but alas, $10,000 was missing. Good Lord, woman. Who keeps that kind of cash in their purse? And then leaves it in a car?? You BETTER not use this as an excuse to miss court on Wednesday. You gotta know the consequences by now, LiLo. [Image via WENN.] Tags: good job, hawaii, lindsay lohan, party, purse, stolen

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