Friday, December 9, 2011

Iphone 4s review

The Apple iPhone 4S after making revolution in industrial design with iPhone 4 last summer still remains one of the most attractive smartphones to have ever been built. Apple’s choice of materials and its manufacturing prowess are unmatched, and puts a group of other wanna-be competitors to shame. Apple didn’t need to make changes in design to make iPhone 4S as the bestselling cellphone ever created. The iPhone 4S has the same durable glass and metal construction as the iPhone 4. You won’t find any creaks or loose parts, and the only plastic used on the phone is for the home button below the display. The iPhone 4S is a bit heavier than its predecessor by increase from 137 grams (4.83 ounces) to 140 (4.94 ounces) but you won’t feel a difference while holding it. Apple’s use of glass for both the front and back of the phone may be questioned by those who tend to drop their phones often, as it has a tendency to shatter, despite it being reinforced. But the smoothness of the glass gives you the feeling that you are holding a real premium device. Apple has covered both the front and back glass panels with an oleophobic coating that resists face grease and fingerprints better than any other smartphone I have used. All buttons along the sides remain the same as for iPhone 4s and includes power/sleep/unlock, volume controls, and the switch for ring/vibrate are all made of quality metal and are very satisfying to use. Button feedback is just right, and you never miss a command because the button didn’t respond to your input as it usually happens with low quality plastic buttons.

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